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Trading Assets

IDCE LTD invest in a variety of assets, including securities of various industries, hedge funds and high-yield debt and money market instruments.


Major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.

Derived indices

Indices simulating real-world markets with 24/7 trading.

Stocks & indices

Leading company stocks and top global indices.


World markets including precious metals and energies.


The world’s most popular digital currencies.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Diverse exchange-traded funds for broad market exposure.


Our main goal is the stable income of our partners.

IDCE LTD offers its clients the opportunity to earn income that far exceeds even the most ambitious banking deposit offers. For investors, we provide a simple and convenient system for managing their investments: a wide selection of professional fund managers and capital management strategies, allowing everyone to choose comfortable ways to generate profits .

Safe and Reliable

Our services are regulated by different governments, providing security to the assets managed.

Global Services

Trade Anywhere, Anytime, personal data is not required, just register and start a collaboration with us.

Company Documents

Documents are a key element for successful cooperation with any fund. Without the necessary documentation, it is impossible to establish transparent relationships and ensure legal protection for both parties. Information about the activities, financial status, legal status, and documents related to risk assessment and investment strategy is important.

COLORADO Registration

Number: 20231849274

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MSB License

Number: 31000251396945

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UK Registration

Number: 06859365

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Our Platform Feature

IDCE LTD is committed to constant development and innovation to offer more convenient services for our clients.

Various Payment Methods

Increase your assets automatically without the need for knowledge!

Reliable deposits with guaranteed high income and flexible conditions for everyone.

Professional Service

IDCE LTD offers a complete and professional management service, making the user no need to spend time and making profits easy.

Guaranteed funds

Risk Manager

Stable Income

Quick & Easy Start


Choose the Type of Account

Variety of accounts with different characteristics

Classic Account

Minimum Deposit: ~ 25 Usdt TRC20, 25 Usdt BEP20, 50 Usdt ERC20, 0.003 Bitcoin, 0.02 Ethereum, 0.05 BNB, 100 Tron, 100 Dogecoin, 0.2 Litecoin, 50 Ripple, 0.05 Bitcoin Cash, 0.5 Dash.

Pro Account

Minimum Deposit: ~ 10000 Usdt TRC20, 10000 Usdt BEP20, 10000 Usdt ERC20, 0.15 Bitcoin, 3 Ethereum, 15 BNB, 80000 Tron, 50000 Dogecoin, 100 Litecoin, 15000 Ripple, 15 Bitcoin Cash, 300 Dash.

VIP Account

Minimum Deposit: ~ 50000 Usdt TRC20, 50000 Usdt BEP20, 50000 Usdt ERC20, 0.75 Bitcoin, 15 Ethereum, 225 BNB, 400000 Tron, 250000 Dogecoin, 500 Litecoin, 225000 Ripple, 225 Bitcoin Cash, 1500 Dash.

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User Questions

1 - To get started you must create an account by completing the registration form.
2 - Click on *Add Funds* to make your deposit and have funds in the account.
3 - When you have funds in your account you should go to *Buy Package* and select the investment Package that best suits your needs.
4 - After purchasing a package, earnings will be reflected in your account every hour.
5 - Go to "Withdraw" to withdraw earnings or your entire balance.